Why level a truck? Trucks from all manufacturers have never been better. They have more power, more towing capacity, get better gas mileage and are more luxurious than ever before. But there’s room for improvement! Stock trucks generally come with the front end lower than the back. By simply raising the truck so it’s level, larger wheels and tires can be fitted. And bigger, better tires make all the difference when driving off road.

The space around your front tires defines the size of tire you can use, because the tires that turn take up more space. The best way to add space around front tires is to lift the body out of the way. A simple 2 inch lift kit with larger tires can raise the whole truck up by 4 inches! Even when lifted, our kits are designed to keep the stock ride quality.

If you use your truck for work, this simple lift makes climbing curbs and construction obstacles a non-issue. Bison OffRoad level and lift kits can turn your work truck into a show truck!